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Writing Prompts

Ideas to Get You Started!

Use the prompts below to begin your writing.

You can either continue the prompt or use it as inspiration.

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Prompts About Cancer

Here you will find prompts that will help you to begin writing about your experiences with cancer.

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Prompts Unrelated to Your Diagnosis

You do not have to write about cancer. Here you will find prompts unrelated to a diagnosis.

Prompts About Cancer:

Prompt 1: Inspiration

Try to think about your biggest source of inspiration and why it encourages you during your journey. This can be anything: an idea, object, a person, a hobby, a wish, etc...

Prompt 2: Safe Space

Write about somewhere you feel safe. Describe it and explain why it carries feelings of safety to you. Why does it make you feel happy?

Prompt 3: Yourself

Try writing a letter to yourself (you can write to your younger self or to yourself in the future). What would you like to say to yourself? How could you inspire confidence?

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Prompt 4: Others

Try writing a letter to someone else. What would you like to tell them? How have they made you feel? What advice would you give to them?

Prompt 5: Feelings

How are others making you feel right now? Has anyone said anything to you recently that has stuck in your mind? What do you think about it and how does it make you feel?

Prompt 6: Advice

Imagine you are a fictional friend. What would you say to yourself? What advice would you give? Maybe think about the things you would say to lift someone's spirits?

Other Prompts:

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Prompt 1: Invitation

You have received a personal invitation. Who is it from and how did you come to receive it? What will it entail? 

Prompt 2: Change

If you were given the power to change one thing in the world. What would you change, how and why? What do you think would happen afterwards?

Prompt 3: "Oh, What a Day!"

Start a story by saying "Oh, what a day!". Explain what happened during the course of the day. 

Prompt 4: Super Powers

You wake up one morning with new super powers! What are they and what do you choose to do with them? Do you find that your new powers change you as a person?

Prompt 5: Surprise!

You are having an uneventful day until you are loudly interrupted by a stranger, shouting "Come quickly! You have to see this"...". Finish the story...

Prompt 6: Missed Train

You are running late and have missed the train! Where did you plan on going? Was missing the train for better or for worse...

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