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Frequently Asked Questions

What creative writing do you accept?

We accept any submissions of short stories/poems/general thoughts on the topic of cancer.

Stories can be submitted by current/former patients or by family/friends.

See previous stories here: Explore & Submit.

Are there any rules on what I can submit?

Yes. In order to keep this website a friendly, safe and welcoming space, we have some rules that must be followed. To see this list please click here: Privacy/Code of Conduct

How will my stories be used?

Your creative writing will be publicly visible on the website.

Writings submitted to The Big Creative will become property of the website to avoid plagarism online. 

We may occasionally use quotations from stories in advertising or in our Featured Section. 

However, we will not use your real name, only your username.

Can I remove my post from the site?

Of course. You can delete your stories at any time from your profile.

If there are any problems, contact us via the Contact Page and we will assist you.

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