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Terms & Conditions

Code of Conduct:

  1. All writing must be your own and not subject to copyright elsewhere.

  2. No spamming or trolling.

  3. No illegal content.

  4. No private names should be used without prior consent. 

  5. We would like to provide a positive, safe space for sharing. Please refrain from negative feedback on people's writing.

  6. Breach of conduct will result in your account being deleted & your writing removed from the website.

Website Rules & Guidelines

Please help to maintain this site as a friendly, safe and welcoming space.

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All Writings Must Be Your Own

Notebook and Pen

No Illegal Content

Writing by the Water

No Offensive Content

Taking Notes

 No Advertising 

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No Spamming or Trolling


No Pornographic Content.

Privacy Notice

1. Website Aim

The Big Creative was created to provide a shared, safe and welcoming space for those affected by cancer to share their creative writing and explore writing from others. 

2. Scope of Privacy Page


Here, we aim to inform website users about how we process and use personal data of members.


3. Collecting Data


When you register to become a member of The Big Creative, you are consenting to providing the following data to the admin of the website:

  • Your name (if provided)

  • Your username

  • Your email-address

  • Any works submitted (to be included on The Big Creative website and associated social media accounts)

  • Basic information (such as name, profile picture and email) of any social media account used to log-in


We will also obtain information via emails, such as:

  • Your email-address

  • Any communication/correspondence provided in the email

We will always credit the username of the profile used to post writing. 


4. Processing Your Personal Data


Consent – when you create an account on our website you are agreeing to your information being used on the website (I.e. Username, Stories).  


We do not make your email-address public.


5. Personal Data Use


Your personal data is used with the purpose of:

  • Allowing other people affected by cancer to read your stories online.

  • Promotion of the website in order to reach a larger audience (marketing).

  • Complying with legal and regulatory obligations.

  • Explicit consent is obtained before we post any stories.


6. Writing Submissions


When you create a member profile on The Big Creative, you are agreeing that all work submitted to our website is your own and not subject to any copyright laws.

7. Copyright Material & Abusive Content 

We accept no responsibility for anything posted that may be abusive or subject to copyright. We manually check all submissions and aim to delete posts that breach these regulations as soon as possible. By posting on The Big Creative, you consent to our regulations against abusive or illegal material. This includes texts that are subject to copyright claims. 

8. Feedback on Writing 

When writing feedback on stories, we kindly ask users to refrain from negative comments or hate speech. Comments that we feel breach the positive space for sharing we are trying to build will be deleted.


9. Contact us


If you have any questions about how we use your data, please use the Contact page. We will aim to respond as soon as possible.  

(Last updated 10 Jan 2023)

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