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Help & Tips for Using the Website

Remember: You do not have to use your name for your username. 

You can write your stories anonymously.

Step 1:
Make a Profile

To make a profile click in the top right corner on 'Sign Up or Log In' or click on the button at the bottom of this section.

Your username will be the name you post your stories under. This will be public. It can be changed at any time in your account settings on your profile page.

Make sure to tick the boxes for 'Join the community' and agree to the privacy policy and code of conduct.

Step 2:

Here we will show how to start reading the stories already posted or to post your own writing. Simply click on the 'Writing' tab at the top of the page or click the link below. 

Don't worry about perfecting your grammar and punctuation. It is a non-judgemental space.


Once you are on the page click the 'Create New Post' button to start writing or you can browse through stories written by others. 

Step 3:
Your Profile

Click your name in the top right corner to explore your profile. 

Here you can change your display name when you post your writing. You can also change your profile image.

You can also see your drafts, stories, comments, notifications, and settings.

Step 4:

You can also show to support to others by reacting to their writing. 

You can click the heart at the bottom of the story to 'like' it. 

You can also add a supportive comment to the bottom of the writing. 

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