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Nov 02, 2022
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And there goes the alarm….6am on a cold winters day. October passed us by so quickly, and here we are November already! I wriggle under the feather quilts trying to find my phone to stop the irritating beeping of my alarm. As I peep at my phone with one eye open to hit the snooze button and gain ten more minutes sleep a warm light lit up my phone…what was that! Two eyes open now and wide awake, I turned my hand around and my left hand was twinkling like fairy lights on a Christmas tree. I raised my right hand and the same sparkling glow. My hands felt warm…I raised both hands towards my chest and felt a soothing feeling and instantly felt calm. How strange…what is happening. With no time to spare in the morning I jumped up and went to wake up my two little monkeys to get them ready for school. Standing here freezing cold on the playground…looking at the time on my phone i knew I was going to be late for work. Please open the doors am thinking as the mums chit chat about homework due in this week. My sparkling hands warm in my pocket, I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation and then I heard a loud cry. Oh no that’s my Lily, she’s fell over, deafened by her loud screams I rush over to see a cut knee, my poor baby. I cover her knee with my hand and she started to calm as I gave her a cuddle and searched for a tissue in my pocket to wipe the blood on her knee. To my surprise the bloody cut had disappeared and her knee twinkled just like my hands. I looked at her hands they twinkled, I looked at my hands they no longer sparkled. I had healed her cut. This had to be a dream…am I still asleep. After the school we went to visit nanny who weren’t feeling too well. Lily ran over and gave nanny a big hug and I noticed lily’s sparkle transfer to nanny. My mum sat up started feeling better. Healing hands….I had been blessed with healing hands. I passed this on to my daughter who passed it onto my mum. I explained to to my mum our eventful morning that day. The next person she touched would heal and they could then pass on the healing powers. You could only heal one person I told her, and then the power seems to transfer to them to heal someone else. She sat up and got ready, I knew who she was going to heal next.


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