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Welcome to
The Big C-reative

A Safe Space to Share Your Creative Writing.

About Our Project

Share your own writing and explore creative pieces surrounding the theme of cancer.

Read about the benefits of creative writing here.

We welcome stories from anyone affected by cancer; this can include people currently living with cancer, those in remission, friends & family members, carers, etc.

Don't know where to begin?

Explore our writing PROMPTS page


Explore Our Categories

We encourage submissions from anyone affected by cancer. This includes those newly diagnosed, those in remission and family & friends of cancer patients.


Creative Writing as Cancer Therapy

Read more about the therapeutic effects of creative writing for those affected by cancer. Creative writing has been proven to boost mood in cancer patients.


The More You Know

Find out about those throughout history living with cancer. Explore creative writing by famous figures throughout time in our featured articles.

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